Our Philosophy

At Gosselin Consulting Group, we take strong positions that strive to put us and our clients in the best fiduciary position possible. Our robust experience which dates back to the mid-1990‘s has helped form the philosophies that we take across all major aspects of our business, including:



  • A strong plan governance structure is critical to meeting fiduciary obligations
  • An investment consultant should serve as an acknowledged co-fiduciary to the plan
  • Conflicts of interest should be minimized, and if possible, eliminated


  • Small and dedicated consultant teams allow for nimble and efficient decision-making
  • Core competencies, values, and service delivery should be directly aligned with client interests


  • Advice should be proactive, rather than reactive
  • Advice should be customized to each client’s needs, objectives, and demographics
  • Advice should be comprehensive and clearly articulated


  • Ensuring fees and contracts are reasonable (a fiduciary duty), transparent, and directly tied to the services provided minimizes fiduciary liability and improves retirement outcomes
  • Fees for consulting services should be stated as a fixed dollar amount for the duration of the contract
  • Service provider fees should be independently disclosed and evaluated



  • Investment consultants that also serve as research analysts bring an enhanced level of understanding to the analytical work done for their clients and ensures it best matches plan goals and participant demographics

Asset Class Design

  • Asset class design should be diversified yet practical
  • Asset class design is equally as important as investment manager selection
  • Asset class design should ultimately strive to improve retirement readiness and outcomes

Investment Research

  • Following a prudent and ongoing fiduciary process can mitigate unnecessary plan sponsor liability
  • Research should be innovative, forward-looking, and dynamic in nature (not based on past performance or point-in-time analysis)

Investment Manager Selection

  • Manager selection and monitoring should be based on “retirement appropriate metrics”, investment merit, client characteristics, and plan / participant demographics
  • Investment strategies should clearly reflect the asset class communicated to the participant
  • Investing in managers that select higher quality securities (relative to benchmark) can mitigate downside performance risk and outperform (long-term) at lower risk (long-term)


Our Founding Principles

At Gosselin Consulting Group, our core competencies, values, and service delivery model are directly aligned with the interests of our clients, many of whom are fiduciaries. We are committed to the following principles which serve as the foundation for all aspects of our business: