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Retainer Services & Project Work Serving Retirement Plan Sponsors

A Focus on Client Service - at Inception and Ongoing

Gosselin Consulting Group’s sole focus is working with our clients to develop robust retirement investment programs that meet all fiduciary obligations and most importantly, provide plan participants with an appropriate suite of investment options and tools to assist them in saving

for retirement.

Our retainer services are priced using an all-inclusive fixed-fee pricing model (always priced in dollars, not basis points) with no out-of-scope or hidden costs – providing for control, predictability, and transparency of expenses for our clients.

Acknowledging our role as an ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary, we have developed a comprehensive yet flexible suite of services that can be customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each unique plan sponsor based on their participant demographics. The services offered as part of our retainer model include, but are not limited to, the following:




Plan Governance Services

  • Document design, ongoing review and adherence (i.e. Committee Charter, Investment Policy Statement)
  • Annual retirement committee training and education
  • Documentation of committee meeting minutes and decision-making processes
  • Management of secure client web portal (centralized document storage)
  • Annual review of fiduciary checklists to ensure compliance with fiduciary best practices

Fee-Related Services

  • Ongoing reviews of plan pricing and financing strategy
  • Annual service provider fee analysis and benchmarking
  • Monthly investment manager fee benchmarking, including vehicle and share class research, nonregistered product fee negotiation and implementation, and revenue share negotiation

Investment Services

  • Investment manager research, selection, and monitoring (including RFPs and interviews)
  • Asset class design (global, diversified, balanced, forward-looking) and capital markets research / strategy
  • Committee investment review meetings (quarterly or as-needed)
  • Extensive quantitative and fundamental manager assessments (quarterly) for fiduciary documentation as well as monthly performance reporting
  • Quarterly documentation of asset class and manager status (add, hold, watch, terminate)

Plan Design Services

  • Ongoing analysis and review of plan demographics and design features (i.e. auto-enrollment, company match, participant education and communication strategy)
  • Service provider collaboration (to lessen committee workload)
  • Participant communication / education material review and strategy

Vendor Search Services

  • Start to finish management of the recordkeeper search process (in collaboration with committee)
  • Design and distribution of Request for Proposal (RFP) to appropriate vendors
  • Assessment of vendor responses and creation of executive summary / comparison
  • Coordination of finalist meetings
  • Support throughout implementation process (if new vendor selected)

Operations Support Services

  • Collaboration and support across all service providers to ensure consistency and efficiency (i.e. recordkeeper, investment managers, auditor(s), outside counsel, third party administrator, insurance provider(s))
  • Manage and support for investment / fund changes, including implementation of non-registered vehicles (CITs, separate accounts) and approvals for asset capacity constrained products
  • Plan merger and acquisition support (mappings, communications, education, fee negotiations)


Gosselin Consulting Group offers many of the individual retainer services outlined above on an adhoc or project-only basis. These non-fiduciary services are specific in scope and last for the set duration of the project only. Pricing for these services vary based on plan specifics and project scope. Please contact us for more information about our project-only services.